Partner Terms


Welcome to the essential guide for understanding our partnership terms. While we've highlighted the key aspects here, you'll find a comprehensive overview in our full Partner Terms of Business.

  • Glamiti Platform: Our website and app, accessible at
  • Glamiti Services: The range of services we provide, detailed at
  • Glamiti Business Software: This includes both our website and the Glamiti Partner app.
  • Glamiti Widget: A web interface for our partners available within the Glamiti Business Software, designed for easy integration on your website.
  • Glamiti Booking Services: Facilitates appointment scheduling via our Glamiti Platform or Widget.
  • Glamiti Payment Services: Manages payments through our Platform, Widget, or devices available for purchase.

As your commercial agent, we're dedicated to facilitating Glamiti Bookings with Online Payments. We collect payments from clients on your behalf, clearing their debt to you.

Invoice and Payment Process

  • Transactions made by the merchant are confirmed with an invoice sent via email, applicable for both one-time and auto payments
  • Invoice for payouts is generated within our application when the amount is transferred to the merchant's bank account.

Should you have an outstanding balance, please contact us promptly to avoid any disruption in accessing our Business Software or Platform. We are here to assist with any payment difficulties you might face.

What is Covered in These Terms

Welcome to Glamiti - where style meets excellence! Our Partner Terms of Business agreement sets forth the essential aspects of our partnership, paving the way for an outstanding collaborative experience.

Glamiti offers an innovative booking platform – the Glamiti Platform. Here, you can present your Partner Services to prospective clients, benefiting from our business management software's diverse features designed to enhance your operational efficiency and elevate your business.

  • Glamiti Booking Services: Our services enable you to efficiently manage client bookings across multiple staff and locations. Additionally, our platform helps you maintain an accurate inventory of your products. We're committed to providing you with high-quality online booking and payment services that cater to the evolving needs of your business.
    As a Partner, you're responsible for delivering exceptional services to your clients. The contractual agreement for these services is exclusively between you and the client, with Glamiti not bearing any liability for the quality of services rendered.
  • Your Obligations: In exchange for using Glamiti Services, you agree to uphold the highest industry standards in delivering your Partner Services. This includes maintaining all necessary licenses, consents, permits, insurances, and providing accurate, legally compliant information in your Online Partner Profile.
  • Pay Cash In-Store Bookings: For these bookings, Glamiti functions solely as a technology provider and does not act as a commercial booking agent. Both clients and partners can cancel these bookings until the scheduled appointment time. A contract is established only when the appointment occurs. Our software facilitates confirmation and reminder emails to clients on your behalf. However, handling cancellations or rescheduling is your direct responsibility, either through direct client communication or via our software.

You are entitled to offer your services via our Glamiti Widget at the same rates as on your own website. Additionally, you have the flexibility to provide special offers to select groups through other online sales platforms or directly at your location.

At Glamiti, we are excited to support your success and take pride in being part of your business journey. Together, let's transform every appointment into a masterpiece!

How can you Reach us!

Need assistance or have questions about Glamiti? Our team is ready to support you! You can easily get in touch with us in the following ways:

  • Email: For quick and convenient communication, email us at Our team is dedicated to providing timely and helpful responses to your inquiries.
  • Postal Mail: If you prefer to send a letter, you can reach us at our corporate headquarters:
  • Sanraj Ventures Inc,
    1055 W Georgia Street, Suite 2400, Vancouver, BC V6E 3P3, Canada.
  • Age Requirement Notice: Please be aware that there is an age requirement for using our services. Users must be at least the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence. Additionally, if there are any age-related restrictions on the use of our services in your country or area, we ask that you comply with these regulations. Minors must obtain permission from a parent or legal guardian before using our services.
  • Responsibility of Parents and Legal Guardians: For parents and legal guardians who permit their children or dependents to use the Glamiti Platform, it's important to understand that these terms apply to you as well. You will be responsible for their activities on our platform. We encourage you to review these terms with your child or dependent to ensure a safe and responsible experience.

Relationship with Glamiti

Welcome to a fashionable collaboration with Glamiti! As we embark on this exciting journey together, our partnership is shaped by the following terms, which open the door to a world of services and opportunities. By accepting these terms, you join us as a valued partner in our dynamic and style-centric ecosystem.

As a Glamiti partner, you gain access to:

  • Innovative Booking and Business Management Tools: Utilize our cutting-edge platform to streamline your operations, manage appointments, and enhance client engagement.
  • Growth Opportunities: Leverage our platform's features to expand your reach, attract new clients, and grow your business in the vibrant world of fashion and beauty.
  • Collaborative Support: Benefit from our dedicated team's assistance, helping you navigate the Glamiti platform and maximize its potential for your business success.
  • Developing Community Engagement: We are committed to fostering a supportive network of like-minded professionals. As our community grows, you will have the opportunity to share insights, experiences, and best practices, contributing to a collaborative and enriching environment.

Your commitment to Glamiti involves:

  • Upholding the highest standards of service and professionalism in your interactions with clients..
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including those specific to your jurisdiction.
  • Regularly updating your Online Partner Profile with accurate and current information.

Together, we'll embark on a journey that not only enhances your business but also contributes to the broader beauty and fashion community. We're excited to have you on board and look forward to growing and prospering together.

Expect from us

Embark on a journey with Glamiti and unlock a world of possibilities for managing your client's calendar bookings. Our platform is designed to assist you in efficiently handling appointments across multiple staff and locations, keeping track of your product inventory, and managing vouchers.

As a valued partner, you gain full access to our comprehensive Glamiti Services. These services are specifically tailored to enhance the management and growth of your business, providing you with the tools you need for success.

It's important to remember that Glamiti acts as a facilitator in the booking process. The actual contractual agreement for your services is made directly between you and the Glamiti Client. As a registered indirect tax payer, you are responsible for applying the appropriate indirect taxes to the total value of each booking and providing a tax receipt if requested.

In rare instances of fraudulent activities linked to your account or if there's a need to issue a refund, we reserve the right to recover necessary funds. This includes any amounts due for reimbursement to the Client and any related Bank Charges.

How do Partners Acquire the License to Utilize Glamiti Services?

Embark on a transformative journey with Glamiti Services! As a Partner, you gain exclusive access to our innovative software, platform, widget, and online profile. These tools empower you to streamline your bookings and elevate the services you provide to your clients.

Embracing the Glamiti experience comes with a set of responsibilities, vital for preserving the integrity and security of our services:

  • Respect Intellectual Property: Avoid duplicating, copying, selling, or exploiting our services in any unauthorized manner. Our software and tools are designed for your benefit and should be used in a way that respects our intellectual property rights.
  • Controlled Access: Ensure that access to the Glamiti Business Software remains within your organization. Should you wish to allow third-party usage, prior permission from us is required to ensure compliance with our terms and maintain security standards.
  • Adherence to Marketing Laws: Refrain from sending unsolicited marketing messages to clients via the software or any other means that contravene data protection laws. We value the privacy and preferences of our clients and expect our partners to uphold these standards.
  • Secure Account Management: Maintain the confidentiality of your login information and passwords. Sharing or reselling access credentials is prohibited and undermines the security of our platform.

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to the continued excellence and reliability of Glamiti Services, ensuring a beneficial experience for all our partners.

Exploring our Collaborations with Third-Party and Affiliate Websites and Applications

At Glamiti, our primary third-party collaboration is with Stripe, a renowned payment processing platform. This partnership enables efficient and secure payment transactions for our Partner Services, ensuring a smooth experience for both our partners and their clients.

Currently, Stripe is our exclusive third-party service provider, focusing on handling all payment-related functionalities through the Glamiti platform. By integrating Stripe's advanced payment solutions, we offer:

  • Reliable Payment Processing: Facilitating secure and efficient transactions for services booked through Glamiti.
  • Enhanced Financial Management: Streamlining the financial aspect of your bookings, including invoicing and payouts.

Looking ahead, we are open to exploring additional collaborations with other third-party websites and applications. These potential partnerships could expand the range of services and functionalities available on Glamiti, including new paid features. Any future collaborations will be carefully selected to align with our commitment to enhancing the quality and scope of our Partner Services.

Glamiti reserves the right to determine which Partner Services, if any, are promoted or made available through these third-party and affiliate websites and applications. Our goal is always to ensure that these collaborations benefit our partners and contribute positively to the overall Glamiti experience.

How we Access and Use the Content of Our Partners

In our collaborative partnership, the Partner grants Glamiti a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use, reproduce, distribute, and make the Partner's content accessible through Glamiti Services and other necessary platforms. This agreement ensures that the Partner's content can be effectively promoted and integrated into our platform and potential third-party collaborations.

The Partner affirms that they have the rights to their content and are authorized to grant this license to Glamiti. Our partnership may extend to affiliates and third-party websites, where Glamiti may share the Partner's content through the Glamiti Widget or other APIs.

In the event of issues arising with these third-party platforms, Glamiti is committed to working with the Partner to find a suitable resolution. This may include disconnecting from the affected platform or, in more extreme cases, considering the termination of the specific third-party agreement. We strive to maintain a balance between maximizing exposure for our partners and ensuring their content is handled responsibly.

Glamiti reserves the right to edit, modify, or amend any Partner content that does not meet our agreement terms or comply with Glamiti's reasonable standards. Additionally, we may employ various marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, to enhance the visibility and reach of the Partner's brand and services.

To further bolster the Partner's online presence, Glamiti may also adjust the format, style, and presentation of the Partner's page on the Glamiti Platform, Online Partner Profile, and Partner Content, ensuring alignment with our quality standards and aesthetic.

What we Anticipate from our Collaborating Partners

As a Partner with Glamiti, you are entering into a partnership that is powered by our brand and supported by our services. Our name and logos, along with our trademarks and images, will be prominently displayed on the Glamiti Widget and Online Partner Profile - giving clients the choice to receive email marketing from both you and Glamiti.

To make the most of this partnership, Glamiti will provide you with a user account and password for the Glamiti Business Software. This access is a privilege and it's your responsibility to keep your login details safe and secure at all times. Be sure to share the information only with those who need it, and immediately change the password in case of any changes to your staff. If there is any suspicion of security breach or improper use, it's crucial to notify Glamiti promptly.

Your commitment to these principles is essential for a successful B2B partnership. Through Glamiti, you gain the tools to enhance your business operations, including the creation of an online profile and integration of online booking features with your website. This not only streamlines your appointment management but also offers a seamless experience for your clients.

As we work together, our collective efforts focus on strengthening your business capabilities, improving operational efficiency, and elevating the level of service you provide. Our shared goal is to empower your business, enabling you to offer sophisticated and reliable services to your clients. Through this collaboration, we aim to achieve sustained growth and mutual success in our respective fields.

How we Promote our Partners

Empower Your Business with Glamiti's Support! Our goal is to enhance your operational efficiency and client engagement through our advanced booking and business management platform. While our primary focus is on providing sophisticated B2B solutions, we also offer tools and features that can assist in elevating your business's online presence.

Through Glamiti, you can manage your online profile, seamlessly integrate our booking features with your website, and utilize our platform to streamline appointments and client interactions. While we do not directly engage in consumer-facing promotions on your behalf, our platform is designed to empower you to do so effectively.

We provide the technological backbone that supports your marketing efforts, from optimizing your online profile on our platform to ensuring smooth integration with your existing digital assets. This approach allows you to maintain control over your brand and marketing strategies while leveraging Glamiti's robust features.

As part of our commitment to your success, we'll keep enhancing our platform with new features and functionalities that align with the evolving needs of your business, ensuring that you have the tools to grow and thrive in a competitive market.

Partner Content Standards

"Maintaining Integrity on the Glamiti Platform: As a partner with Glamiti, it is imperative that all information you list on our platform is consistently accurate, complete, and truthful. This encompasses details about your services, pricing, staff availability, cancellation and no-show policies, and any other content you provide. Ensuring the reliability of this information is not just beneficial for your business; it's also crucial for maintaining the trust and satisfaction of clients using the Glamiti platform.

You have the responsibility to regularly update this information through your Partner Account on the Glamiti Business Software. Our platform is designed to facilitate easy and efficient management of your business details, enabling you to make necessary changes swiftly and accurately.

Glamiti is committed to upholding high standards of quality and reliability across our platform. Therefore, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate any Partner Account that does not comply with these content standards or fails to provide the necessary up-to-date information. By adhering to these standards, you help us ensure a seamless and trustworthy experience for all users of the Glamiti platform.

Marketplace Profile

Enhance your Visibility with Glamiti's Marketplace Profile: As a partner, you can create a Marketplace Profile on the Glamiti platform, providing a dynamic way to promote your services. This profile features a 'Book Now' button, facilitating easy appointment bookings for clients directly through Glamiti.

Accuracy and correctness are key. Ensure that you use the appropriate button links provided by Glamiti for seamless operation. Please note that Glamiti cannot be held responsible for errors resulting from the use of incorrect links.

Your Marketplace Profile is a crucial aspect of your online presence. It is your responsibility to keep all information, including contact details and photos, accurate and up-to-date. The images you choose should accurately represent your services and business location, adhering to all relevant laws, particularly those pertaining to data protection.

To maintain the focus on your services within the Glamiti ecosystem, your Marketplace Profile should avoid including direct contact information, or links to your own or third-party websites, apps, or tools.

Managing and customizing your Marketplace Profile is straightforward with the 'Online Booking' section of the Glamiti Business Software. This feature empowers you to effectively control how your business is portrayed to potential clients and partners on the platform.

Partner Profile Transparency and Consent

Respecting Privacy and Consent on the Glamiti Platform: As a partner, it is your responsibility to obtain and maintain the explicit consent of your employees and contractors before featuring their personal details on your Marketplace Profile and the Glamiti widget. This consent is crucial for ensuring compliance with privacy laws and respecting the rights of individuals represented on our platform.

The process for obtaining consent should be clear, documented, and in line with applicable data protection regulations. You should provide your employees and contractors with information about how their details will be used on the Glamiti platform and the purpose of this exposure to clients.

If at any point an employee or contractor withdraws their consent, you are obligated to promptly update your Marketplace Profile and remove their details from the Glamiti Booking Services. This is not only a legal requirement but also a commitment to maintaining trust and transparency within the Glamiti community.

Regularly reviewing and updating the consent status of individuals featured in your profile ensures adherence to these standards and fosters a respectful and compliant environment on the Glamiti platform.

Partner Service Fulfillment

Commitment to Service Excellence on the Glamiti Platform: As a partner, your dedication to fulfilling the services for all bookings made through Glamiti is fundamental to our collective success. It is essential that you adhere to the terms of sale associated with each booking, including any deposit policy, cancellation policy, and no-show policy that is in effect at the time the booking is made.

We understand that exceptional circumstances may occasionally necessitate the decline of a booking. However, this should be a rare exception rather than a regular practice. In line with fair business practices, additional fees should not be imposed on clients unless explicitly agreed upon by the client in advance.

In instances where the services provided fall short of the value paid by the client, as per the terms of the booking, the client may be entitled to a refund. This approach ensures fairness and transparency in transactions and helps maintain the trust and satisfaction of clients using the Glamiti platform.

As a partner, you play a pivotal role in upholding the quality and reliability of services offered through Glamiti. Your commitment to these standards is essential for providing a positive and consistent experience to all clients.

Payment Terms with Clients

Facilitating Seamless Transactions on the Glamiti Platform: Clients utilizing the Glamiti platform can make payments for their bookings using the payment methods accepted by Glamiti. As a partner, you acknowledge and agree that when a client makes a payment to Glamiti for services booked through our platform, this payment releases the client from their financial obligation related to that booking. Consequently, partners should not seek additional payment from the client for the same services.

For bookings where payment is to be made in-store ('Pay-in-Store Bookings'), partners have the flexibility to accept any payment methods they typically use in their regular business operations. It is important to note that for these types of bookings, the payment transaction and processing are handled directly by the partner, independent of the Glamiti platform.

By adhering to these payment terms, partners contribute to a transparent and efficient payment process, enhancing the overall experience for both clients and partners. Glamiti's role is to facilitate these transactions where applicable and ensure that the payment process aligns with the agreed-upon terms of the booking.

How to Handle Cancellation of Appointments

Adhering to the Cancellation Policy: Partners are required to follow the cancellation and rescheduling policy as outlined in the Glamiti Terms of Service. Partners can set their preferred Cancellation Period (e.g., 4, 24, or 48 hours before the appointment start time) via the Glamiti Business Software. If a client cancels after this period, a cancellation fee will be applied, which Glamiti collects on behalf of the Partner. If the client cancels before the Cancellation Period, no charges apply and both parties are released from further obligations. Changes Partners make to their Cancellation Policy will not apply retroactively to previously booked appointments.

For Pay Cash In-Store Bookings, Partners handle cancellations or rescheduling directly with the client, with Glamiti serving solely as a technology provider. A contract between the client and the Partner for such bookings is formed only at the time of the appointment.

How to Handle Disputes and Claims from Clients

Addressing Client Concerns and Disputes: Partners are responsible for fulfilling their obligations to clients and ensuring that expectations are met in accordance with legal requirements and service agreements. Partners should endeavor to provide exceptional services to all clients, addressing any queries or issues promptly, especially those related to Glamiti bookings or potential bookings.

If Glamiti receives a complaint from a client about a Partner's services, the complaint will be forwarded to the Partner for resolution. Partners are required to acknowledge and respond to the client within 48 hours of receiving the complaint, whether it is received directly or through Glamiti. Efforts should be made to resolve the complaint satisfactorily within 14 days, and Glamiti should be informed about the progress and outcome of the complaint resolution process.

In the B2B context of Glamiti's services, maintaining professionalism and responsiveness in all client communications is crucial. Partners are encouraged to actively seek feedback directly from clients to improve service quality and address any concerns. Glamiti supports a high standard of service across our platform and encourages open communication and swift resolution of any client disputes.

Glamiti Payment Services

Simplifying Payment Processing for Partners: Glamiti offers integrated payment services to our Partners, streamlining the collection, processing, and refunding of payments for services booked online. This integration is facilitated through our partnership with Stripe, a leading payment processor.

By utilizing Glamiti Payment Services, Partners agree to comply with the terms and conditions of Stripe, as well as any other relevant payment processing regulations. Details of Stripe's terms can be found at Stripe's website. It is important for Partners to familiarize themselves with these terms to ensure smooth and compliant financial transactions.

Glamiti's role in this process is to provide a seamless integration with Stripe, enabling Partners to manage their financial transactions efficiently through our platform. This integration supports a range of payment functionalities, including secure online payments, straightforward refund processes, and transparent financial reporting.

Capture Card Details

Enabling Secure Transaction Processing: As a partner with Glamiti, you have the capability to capture customer card details for certain booking methods, enhancing transaction security and streamlining the booking process.

  • Cancellation Policy Method: You can set a cancellation fee for late cancellations or no-shows as part of your booking policy. When capturing customer card details, you are authorized to charge this fee if a customer cancels after the designated period or fails to show up for their appointment. The fee amount is a specific percentage of the booking amount, as determined by your booking policy.
  • Secure Storage of Card Details: All card details, whether belonging to customers or merchants, are securely stored on Stripe's servers. Stripe is a globally recognized payment processor known for its stringent security measures and compliance with industry standards. This ensures that sensitive card information is handled with the highest level of security and privacy.
  • Partner Responsibilities and Compliance: When capturing and storing customer card details, it is crucial to adhere to data protection and security standards. Ensure that all customer card information is handled securely and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Usage of Captured Card Details: Captured card details are used for processing the agreed-upon cancellation fees or deposits as per your booking policy. It is your responsibility to clearly communicate these policies to customers at the time of booking.

By utilizing this feature, you can provide customers with a more efficient booking experience while safeguarding your business against potential losses due to late cancellations or no-shows. Glamiti supports you with the necessary tools and guidelines to manage these transactions effectively and securely.

Get the Perfect Touch with Automated Messages

Enhance Client Engagement with Automated SMS: Partners have the option to purchase SMS texts from Glamiti for sending automated SMS notifications, including appointment confirmations, reminders, cancellations, thank-yous, and follow-ups on no-shows. Partners can choose to manually top up their account with a specific number of messages or select an automatic top-up option, which refills the account with a predetermined number of messages when the balance reaches a certain threshold.

  • Flexible Management and Competitive Pricing: Managing your SMS messages is straightforward through your Partner Account, where you can view the minimum and maximum number of messages available for purchase at one time. All payments for SMS messages are made in advance using a debit or credit card, and purchases are non-refundable.

Glamiti is committed to offering competitive pricing for our Automated Message service. We also provide free SMS credits as part of our tiered plan offerings:

  • Standard Plan: 100 free SMS messages per month.
  • Gold Plan: 2,000 free SMS messages per month.
  • Platinum Plan: Unlimited SMS messages.

There is no expiry on both purchased and free SMS messages, allowing you flexibility in their usage.

  • Utilizing Trusted Third-Party Providers: To deliver high-quality messaging services, Glamiti partners with reputable third-party providers, including Twilio Inc. (SendGrid for SMS services and Twilio for emails). We encourage Partners to review the terms of service of these providers, available on their respective websites.
  • Direct Client Communication: The Messaging Services enable you to communicate directly with clients whose details are stored in the Glamiti Business Software and who have consented to receive such communications. It is imperative to respect client preferences; if a client opts out of receiving messages, you must promptly update your settings in the Glamiti Business Software.
  • Compliance Responsibility: Partners are solely responsible for ensuring their use of the Messaging Services is compliant with Data Protection Legislation. This includes obtaining and recording client consents and swiftly honoring opt-out requests.

Partner Coupons: Creating and Managing Vouchers

Unlock Upfront Payments with Vouchers: Partners can create vouchers through the Glamiti Services, offering a way for customers to pay upfront without immediately receiving services. These vouchers, which can be purchased both online and offline, are redeemable during checkout at the Partner's location.

  • Voucher Creation and Discounts: Empowering Partners with Voucher Services: Glamiti provides Partners with the capability to create vouchers as a method of attracting customers and enhancing upfront payments. When creating vouchers, Partners have the flexibility to set custom names, values, and validity periods. Offering vouchers at a discounted rate, such as a CA$100 voucher for CA$80, can be an effective strategy to entice customers.
    It is important for Partners to ensure the accuracy of the voucher details, as Glamiti is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the vouchers created. Vouchers serve as a valuable tool for Partners to manage cash flow and offer attractive deals to customers, thereby potentially increasing business revenue
  • Sale and Redemption: Vouchers are sold directly to customers and can only be redeemed during checkout for the services specified at the time of creation. The value of the voucher will be deducted from the total amount due, and customers must choose a payment method for any remaining balance. Vouchers can be redeemed in multiple transactions if not fully used in one transaction.
  • Rules and Restrictions:
    • Only one voucher is redeemable per transaction.
    • Vouchers cannot be used for tips.
    • Vouchers are non-transferable and must be redeemed by the purchaser.
    • Partners set expiration dates and ensure compliance with local laws. Vouchers cannot be altered or removed once created but can be marked as inactive, making them unavailable for sale.
  • Partner Obligations: Partners are responsible for the sale, transfer, execution, and potential refunds of vouchers, as well as delivering the services associated with them. Glamiti is not liable for mis-issued vouchers. Partners must manage the validity of their vouchers according to local regulations.
  • Glamiti's Role: In cases where a partner fails to honor a voucher, Glamiti may intervene to provide a refund to the customer. Repeated failures by a partner to honor vouchers may result in restrictions on issuing new vouchers.

By offering vouchers, Partners can enhance cash flow and attract more customers, while customers enjoy the flexibility and savings associated with these prepaid offers.

Content in Glamiti Services: Data Protection and Compliance

Adherence to Data Protection Laws: In this section, terms related to data protection, including 'data controller,' 'data processor,' 'data subject,' 'personal data,' 'process,' 'processing,' and 'appropriate technical and organizational measures,' adhere to the guidelines set forth by relevant data protection laws.

Both Glamiti and the Partner are committed to complying with data protection laws and regulations, particularly in handling the personal data of Partner Clients. The Partner bears full responsibility and liability for ensuring that their use of Partner Clients' personal data complies with all applicable data protection laws, including actions taken by their employees, partners, and suppliers.

In the context of Partner Clients' personal data, the Partner acts as the data controller, while Glamiti functions as the data processor. Conversely, Glamiti and the Partner are independent data controllers regarding Glamiti Clients' personal data. Should the Partner breach this section, Glamiti and its affiliates are indemnified and held harmless against any resulting losses, claims, costs, damages, or proceedings.

These provisions remain effective beyond the termination or expiration of the agreement.

  • Independent Controllers: As independent controllers under applicable Data Protection Legislation, Glamiti and the Partner agree to:
    • Assist each other in a reasonable timeframe to comply with data subject rights requests.
    • Promptly notify and assist each other in responding to data protection authority requests, unless prohibited by law.
    • Notify Glamiti promptly in the event of a Security Incident and provide full cooperation and assistance.
    • Ensure the reliability of employees and agents with access to personal data, including training in data protection laws.
    • Implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data.
    • Limit personal data processing to providing Partner Services or, for opt-in clients, email marketing.
    • Take full responsibility and liability for compliance with Data Protection Legislation, especially concerning the EU GDPR or UK GDPR.
  • Glamiti as a Data Processor: When Glamiti acts as a processor for the Partner's Clients' personal data, the 'Glamiti as a data processor' section and the Data Processing Addendum apply. Glamiti may charge for additional services not specified in the Agreement.
    The Partner must inform each Partner Client about Glamiti's processing of their data and update their privacy policy or literature to comply with Data Protection Legislation as requested by Glamiti.
  • Glamiti's Rights to Access Your Data: Glamiti retains the right to access the Partner's data, including Clients' personal data and business information, during and after the Agreement. This includes business licenses, tax registrations, office addresses, and other details in the Data Processing Addendum.
    Glamiti may share the Partner's data with third parties, such as payment processors, investors, buyers, or as required by law. The Partner has access to Clients' personal data through the Glamiti Services as outlined in the Data Processing Addendum.

How we Pay our Partners

Streamlined Payout Process for Partners: At Glamiti, we prioritize providing a simple and convenient payout system for our partners. Our goal is to ensure a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Here are key details of our payout process:

  • Payout Speed: Our payout speed is typically T+7 days, where 'T' refers to the transaction time (the time of initial payment confirmation or capture). This means your balance becomes available for payout within 7 business days from capturing a payment, facilitating timely access to your funds.
  • Minimum Payout: The minimum payout amount is determined based on what we can support with our banking partners. Currently, the minimum payout is set at one cent (0.01 US dollar), allowing you to receive funds even with a small balance.
  • Dashboard and Payout Settings: Partners can conveniently check their payouts through the dashboard in the Glamiti Business Software. In the 'Payouts' section under settings, you can view both pending and transferred payouts. This section provides monthly payout management, enabling you to check the status for all days in a month and access detailed transaction information for each day.

We are committed to handling all financial details, whether your balance is positive, negative, or zero. If you have any questions or require assistance with our payout process, our customer support team is readily available to help. We are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

Partner Payout Process

Streamlined Payment Transfers to Partners: Glamiti is committed to facilitating smooth and efficient payments to our partners. We ensure that the payout process is handled securely and conveniently through our integration with Stripe, a leading payment processing platform.

  • Registration with Stripe:
    • To receive payouts, partners must complete a registration process with Stripe. This is initiated in the Glamiti Business Software by navigating to 'Settings' and then 'Setup Payment Processing.' Partners are then redirected to Stripe's registration platform.
    • During the registration process with Stripe, partners are required to provide their bank account information, business address, and personal details. It is important to ensure that these details are accurate and up-to-date to facilitate seamless payment transactions.
    • Once registered with Stripe, partners are eligible to receive payouts directly into their bank accounts.
  • Partner Responsibilities:
    • Partners are responsible for maintaining accurate contact details within the Glamiti Business Software and for ensuring their Stripe account information is current.
    • In the event of any discrepancies or disputes, it is essential to communicate with Glamiti promptly to avoid inconveniences.
    • Partners are solely responsible for tax compliance related to their earnings and must provide proof of tax payments upon request.

At Glamiti, we aim to provide a hassle-free partnership experience, and our payment process, including our partnership with Stripe, is a key component of this commitment.

What We Promise You and What You Promise Us

Streamlined Payment Transfers to Partners: Glamiti is committed to facilitating smooth and efficient payments to our partners. We ensure that the payout process is handled securely and conveniently through our integration with Stripe, a leading payment processing platform.

  • Our Commitment to You:
    • At Glamiti, we're dedicated to providing our partners with reliable technical support. While we can't guarantee immediate responses, our support team is available to assist via email or other means at our discretion.
    • We're proud of the quality of our services, which we guarantee to be provided with care and skill, meeting industry standards. However, it's important to note that our services may not perfectly align with every individual partner's needs.
    • We cannot guarantee that information obtained from our services will always be 100% accurate, uninterrupted, or error-free. We're committed to doing our best to provide excellent service within these limitations.
  • Your Consent as a Partner:
    • You acknowledge that Glamiti partners with third-party providers for technology needs essential to the operation of our Business Software, Platform, and Widget.
    • You understand that Glamiti has administrative rights over the Glamiti Business Software and monitors usage, including through tools like Google Analytics, to improve our services. You agree to inform your employees about this monitoring as outlined in our Privacy and Cookie Policy.
  • Your Warranties as a Partner:
    • You agree to ensure that all your advertisements and offerings through Glamiti comply with legal standards, and do not involve prohibited or illegal services.
    • You commit to ethical and legal business practices, avoiding any prohibited businesses.
    • You warrant that content provided to Glamiti, including on your Online Partner Profile and Partner Store, is accurate, respectful, and not infringing on any rights or laws.
    • You will adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and advertising standards, maintaining necessary licenses and insurance for your Partner Services.
    • The data you provide to Glamiti will be accurate, current, and compliant with data protection laws.
    • You confirm that you are legally eligible to operate your business and will conduct transactions through our Payment Services in a lawful manner.
    • You agree not to use Glamiti Payment Services for any illegal activities and maintain the integrity of the Glamiti Booking Services.

By adhering to these terms, you help maintain the integrity and credibility of your business and our partnership.

In Case of Concerns or Disputes

  • Our Right to Remove Online Partner Profiles:
    • Glamiti values a seamless experience for both partners and clients. To maintain our standards, we reserve the right to remove a partner's online profile under certain circumstances, including:
      • Violation of laws, regulations, or failure to abide by our agreements, policies, or court orders.
      • Use of our services that may cause harm or raise objections from us, clients, or other parties.
      • A high number of cancelled appointments or unfulfilled orders.
      • Receiving low ratings from clients or unprofessional responses to such ratings.
      • Incompatibility of the partner's business with the Glamiti platform.
    • Material breaches of this nature may lead to forfeiture of any related payments and revocation of access to the Glamiti Widget.
  • Suspending or Terminating Your Access to Glamiti:
    • Our partnership is effective from the start date and continues unless terminated with a 30-day written notice by either party. However, immediate termination can occur in certain situations:
      • A party violates a crucial aspect of the agreement and fails to rectify it within 30 days of a written notice.
      • Repeated minor violations of the agreement.
      • Insolvency, bankruptcy, or equivalent events under any jurisdiction.
      • Cessation of business operations by either party.
    • Termination for breach requires the breach to be remediable. Upon termination, all accrued rights and remedies remain in effect.

Confidentiality Agreement

"Protection of Confidential Information: Throughout the duration of our agreement, both parties, Glamiti and the Partner, may have access to sensitive and confidential information belonging to the other party. This includes, but is not limited to, marketing plans, client lists, business strategies, financial data, and technology (collectively referred to as 'Confidential Information').

  • Commitment to Confidentiality:
    • Both parties commit to safeguarding this Confidential Information against theft, loss, damage, or unauthorized access. This involves not using, disclosing, copying, or modifying the information, nor allowing third parties to do so without the written consent of the information's owner, except as necessary to fulfill obligations under this agreement.
  • Exceptions to Confidentiality:
    • The confidentiality obligations do not apply if the information:
      • Was already public knowledge at the time of receipt.
      • Becomes public through no fault of the recipient, its employees, or agents.
      • Was received from a third party without restriction.
      • Was already known to the recipient before receiving it under this agreement.
    • In cases where disclosure is required by law or necessary for professional advice, the recipient may disclose the information, but only under a confidentiality agreement.
  • Duration of Confidentiality Obligations:
    • The obligations of confidentiality outlined in this section will continue to apply even after the termination or expiration of the agreement between Glamiti and the Partner.

Our Liability

Understanding Liability Limitations: Both Glamiti and the Partner acknowledge certain responsibilities that cannot be restricted under this Agreement, including liability for:

  • Causing death or personal injury due to negligence.
  • Engaging in fraudulent misrepresentation or any other fraudulent act.
  • Fulfilling financial obligations, including payment of amounts owed under this agreement.
  • Any other liabilities that cannot be legally limited or excluded.
  • Glamiti's Responsibility:
    • Glamiti is not liable, to the fullest extent permitted by law, for the quality, safety, or satisfaction of products or services offered through our services or store. The Partner assumes responsibility for the services they provide to clients. Details of Glamiti's indemnity obligations are outlined in the Indemnity section of the agreement.
  • Exclusions of Liability: Glamiti will not be liable for:
    • Loss of income, profits, sales, revenue, business opportunities, customers, contracts, reputation, goodwill, expected savings, hardware, software, data, management or staff time, or any other intangible losses
    • Any indirect, incidental, or special loss or damage of any kind.
  • Partner's Acknowledgement: The Partner agrees that Glamiti will not be liable for losses, damages, expenses, or liabilities arising from:
    • Use or inability to use Glamiti's Business Software, Platform, Widget, Professional Services, or Online Partner Profile.
    • Unauthorized access to or alteration of the Partner's data
    • Third-party actions on Glamiti's platforms or services.
    • Modifying Glamiti's services or integrating them with other equipment or software without Glamiti's written consent.
    • Any other matters related to Glamiti's services.
  • Maximum Liability: Subject to the first two paragraphs, Glamiti's total liability under this agreement will not exceed $100 (or the equivalent in local currency). For any Additional Service, Glamiti's maximum liability will not exceed the fee paid for that specific service.

Our Liability – Glamiti Messaging Services

"Commitment to Reliable Messaging Services: At Glamiti, we are dedicated to offering dependable messaging services for appointment notifications. While we ensure the effectiveness of these services, it's essential for our Partners to understand the limitations of our liability.

Glamiti provides default messaging services that send automated notifications for appointments that are confirmed, rescheduled, cancelled, missed, or upcoming. Partners are not able to customize these messages.

Our liability limitations include scenarios where we cannot be held responsible, such as:

  • Loss, damage, expense, or liability resulting from the Partner's use or inability to use the Messaging Services, specifically intended for sending standard appointment notifications.
  • Any issues arising from the automated nature of the Messaging Services, including the content of default messages.
  • The Partner's failure to comply with relevant Data Protection Legislation in relation to the use of the Messaging Services.
  • Defects in the Messaging Services caused by misuse, intentional damage, negligence, or failure to follow Glamiti's instructions.
  • Unauthorized modifications or integrations of the Messaging Services with equipment or materials not provided by Glamiti, or carried out without Glamiti's explicit consent.

We maintain transparency and accountability in our services. Therefore, our maximum aggregate liability related to the Messaging Services, under any circumstances, shall not exceed the fee paid for these services.

Our Liability – Data Migration

Prioritizing Data Protection: At Glamiti, safeguarding your personal data is a top priority. Nevertheless, during any data migration activities conducted under the Partner's instructions, we must clarify our limitations of liability.

  • Glamiti cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, or breach of data that occurs during data migration processes initiated by the Partner.
  • The Partner is responsible for ensuring the accuracy, legality, and completeness of any data involved in the migration process. This responsibility extends to addressing any tax or regulatory implications that may arise from the access and use of such data.

This section regarding our liability for data migration remains effective beyond the termination or expiration of the Agreement with Glamiti.

Intellectual Property Rights

Respecting Ownership and Usage of Intellectual Property: Under this agreement, both Glamiti and the Partner maintain ownership of their respective Intellectual Property Rights.

  • Glamiti and its licensors hold all Intellectual Property Rights related to its brands, logos, trademarks, and services, including the Glamiti Platform, Widget, and Online Partner Profile. Partners are not permitted to use Glamiti's Intellectual Property Rights without prior written consent from Glamiti.
  • Client feedback and data generated through the use of Glamiti's services are recognized as the Intellectual Property of Glamiti. Partners hereby assign these rights to Glamiti with full title guarantee. Partners are granted a worldwide, royalty-free license to use these rights in their business operations, provided they comply with the terms of this agreement. Partners agree to notify Glamiti of any unauthorized use of its Intellectual Property Rights and to assist in its defense, but must not initiate legal proceedings without Glamiti's express permission.
  • Conversely, Partners retain ownership of all Intellectual Property Rights in their own content and materials. Partners are responsible for ensuring that their content does not infringe upon any third-party rights.

This section on Intellectual Property Rights will remain effective even after the termination or expiration of the agreement between Glamiti and the Partner.


Partner's Commitment to Indemnify: The Partner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Glamiti, its officers, directors, and employees against any claims, demands, actions, lawsuits, and damages that arise from the Partner's breach of this Agreement. This indemnification covers a range of potential liabilities, including financial losses, loss of profit, reputation damage, and legal fees, especially in cases involving violations of data protection laws, intellectual property rights infringement, or engagement in prohibited business practices.

  • Scope of Indemnification:
    • Glamiti enters this agreement not only on its own behalf but also as an agent for its officers, directors, and employees. The Partner acknowledges that the rights to indemnification extend to these individuals, protecting them from liabilities arising from the Partner's actions.
    • Changes to this agreement, including those affecting the rights of these Indemnified Third Parties, can be made by Glamiti and the Partner, provided they are agreed upon in writing.
  • Durability of Indemnity Provision:
    • The indemnity obligations outlined in this section will continue to be effective and enforceable even after the termination or expiration of this Agreement between Glamiti and the Partner.

Miscellaneous Provisions

  • Communication with Glamiti:
    • We're excited to connect with you through email, phone, SMS, or WhatsApp, using the contact information you've provided. Expect updates about Glamiti Bookings and other news related to our services.
  • Changes in Business Structure:
    • Should there be any changes in your business structure or leadership, inform the new owner or manager about this agreement's terms and provide us with their updated contact information.
  • Delivery of Notices:
    • Important notices, invoices, and communications will be sent to the address specified in this agreement. Notices sent via registered or recorded delivery are deemed served three business days after posting; otherwise, they are considered served upon receipt.
  • Amendments to Terms:
    • To adapt to market trends, new technologies, payment methods, and legal requirements, we reserve the right to revise our terms and conditions at any time. Regularly check for updates to stay informed.
  • Independent Contractor Relationship:
    • Our partnership is defined as an independent contractor relationship. This agreement does not create a partnership, joint venture, agency, or any other form of mutual commitment.
  • Assignment and Transfer:
    • You need our written consent to assign, transfer, charge, subcontract, or otherwise deal with any part of this agreement.
  • No Third-Party Rights:
    • This agreement is solely between Glamiti and the Partner and does not confer rights to any third parties.
  • Waiver of Rights:
    • Failure to enforce any rights under this agreement at any time does not constitute a waiver of those rights.
  • Compliance with Anti-Bribery Laws:
    • In accordance with the Bribery Act 2010, both parties commit to avoiding any bribery practices during the term of this agreement.
  • Severability:
    • If any provision of this agreement is found to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, it will be omitted without affecting the rest of the agreement.
  • Entire Agreement:
    • This document constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, superseding any prior agreements, understandings, or arrangements. No external representations or terms shall apply.
  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
    • This agreement is governed by the laws of British Columbia, Canada. Any disputes arising from this agreement will be resolved under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of British Columbia.

Business Plans and Policies

  • Subscription Plans:
    • Glamiti offers a free Standard plan with essential business management features. For additional functionality, we offer the Gold and Platinum subscription-based plans, accessible with a monthly fee. These premium plans provide advanced features and exclusive benefits.
  • Subscription Duration and Payment:
    • Each subscription plan lasts one calendar month and automatically renews unless cancelled. Payments are recurring and automatically deducted each month on the plan's renewal date.
  • Plan Upgrades and Downgrades:
    • Upgrading from Standard to Gold/Platinum: Immediate access to enhanced features upon upgrade.
    • Upgrading from Gold to Platinum: Immediate activation with adjusted billing cycle and a prorated refund for the unused portion of the Gold plan.
    • Downgrading plans: Transition to the lower-tier plan occurs after the current subscription period ends.
  • Subscription Cancellation:
    • Upon cancellation, you will be switched to the Standard plan at the end of your current Gold or Platinum subscription period.
  • Switching/Cancellation Deadline:
    • To switch or cancel your plan, please initiate the process at least two days before the start of the next billing cycle.
  • Promotional Offer: Free POS Machine with Plan Commitment:
    • Eligibility: Offer available during the upgrade process from Standard to Gold or Platinum plans, with a minimum commitment of 6 months for Gold or 4 months for Platinum.
    • Delivery: The POS machine will be delivered within 7 working days after availing the offer. The offer is non-reversible.
    • Early Cancellation Charges: A CA$360.00 charge applies for early downgrades during the commitment period.
    • Upgrade Within Commitment: Upgrading to Platinum retains the same commitment duration as the original Gold plan commitment.
    • Ownership of POS: After completing the commitment period, the POS becomes the merchant's property, with no further obligations.

Terms and Conditions for POS Reader Orders

Important Information for Ordering Stripe POS Reader: These terms ("Terms") govern the purchase and use of the Stripe POS Reader machine ("Device") through our web platform. By placing an order, you ("Merchant") enter into a legal agreement with GLAMITI ("Company").

  • Order Placement and Payment:
    • Order Placement: Provide accurate information for purchase, including contact and shipping details. Ensure order accuracy before submission.
    • Payment: The purchase price, taxes, shipping fees, and other charges are clearly communicated during the order process. Payment is processed via Stripe, and you agree to adhere to Stripe's payment terms.
  • Order Cancellation:
    • Cancellation by Merchant: Notify us in writing to cancel. If the Device hasn't shipped, receive a full refund. If shipped, you may cover return costs for a refund upon receipt in original condition.
    • Cancellation by Company: We may cancel orders due to unavailability, pricing errors, or fraud suspicion, and will issue a full refund.
  • Device Ownership and Use:
    • Ownership: The Device becomes your property after full payment. It remains Company property until then.
    • Use: Intended for use with Stripe's system and our web platform. Use the Device as intended and follow provided instructions.
  • Device Warranty and Support:
    • Warranty: Subject to Stripe's warranty terms, provided upon purchase. Direct warranty claims to Stripe.
    • Support: We offer limited support for ordering and general inquiries. Technical issues should be addressed with Stripe's support team.
  • Limitation of Liability:
    • Exclusion: GLAMITI is not liable for direct or indirect damages related to the Device's purchase, use, or inability to use.
  • Modification and Termination:
    • Modification: We may update these Terms without notice. Changes are effective upon posting. Review Terms regularly.
    • Termination: We reserve the right to terminate or suspend Device ordering services without notice.
  • Governing Law and Dispute Resolution:
    • Law: Governed by Canadian law.
    • Disputes: Aim for amicable resolution. Legal actions exclusively in Canadian courts.

These Terms outline your rights and responsibilities when ordering a Stripe POS Reader from GLAMITI.