Calendar & Scheduling

The calendar is the central hub for managing appointments and sales in your business. The user-friendly design of our interface prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. We cater to the unique needs of salons and spas, offering comprehensive scheduling capabilities that can be accessed from any device. It is easily accessible upon logging into your account and offers various navigation options.

Key Features

  • Calendar different views

    Appointments can be viewed in three different views (Day, 3 Day, Week) for flexible scheduling.

  • Zoom in/out

    The calendar view can be zoomed in or out to adjust time slot visibility.

  • Color key

    The calendar uses color-coding to display different booking statuses and shading to show non-working hours, providing a clear and easy-to-read schedule.

  • Drag n drop feature

    Editing bookings is simple with the drag-and-drop feature, allowing you to change the professional, time, and date of the service. The length of the booking can also be adjusted to increase or decrease booking service duration. The shortcuts offer an efficient and time-saving method for editing bookings.

Make a New Appointment

Adding a new appointment can be done by clicking "Add New" and selecting "New Appointment". Another way to schedule an appointment is by double-clicking on a professional's empty time slot on the calendar, which opens the "New Appointment" screen with the professional and time pre-selected.

Modify prices in cart

When you have added a product or service to your cart, you can modify its price by clicking on the drop-down button next to the item. From there, you can input a new price or set a discount percentage to be applied to the original price. The updated price will then become the new reference value, and any discounts will be calculated based on this new amount. Note that this feature does not work for vouchers.

Save an appointment

To save an appointment, go to the "New Appointment" page and select the services you want. After scheduling (add professional and time) the services, enter the client information, then save the appointment. You can also add products and vouchers, but a valid appointment must have at least one service. If the cart only has products and vouchers, the appointment cannot be saved, and you must proceed straight to checkout.
The saved appointment will appear as a confirmed booking on the calendar.

Make a New Sale

Adding a new sale can be done by clicking "Add New" and selecting "New Sale". In the "New Sale" option, the cart cannot be saved and must be checked out immediately.

Apply Offers

Discounts can be applied to items (services, products, and vouchers) once they have been added to the cart. Only one discount can be applied per transaction. There are two types of discounts: "Daily offers," which are only valid for services, and "Deal Discounts," which can be applied to all items.
Once items have been added to the cart, go to the 'Offers' section to view all discounts that are applicable to the cart.

Add Business Holiday

To add a new holiday, click "Add New" and select "Holiday." Enter the holiday title, start/end date, and save. The holiday will be displayed on the calendar with the title. You can also check holiday list in the business-planner section.

Add ‘Block Time’ for professional

To add block time for a professional, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the "Block" button
  • Choose the professional, date, and start and end time
  • Provide a reason for the block time
  • Save the changes

The blocked time will then appear as a shaded section on the calendar. It should be noted that during block time, users won't be able to book the professional online, but walk-in appointments can still be made with the same professional during that period.

Edit bookings by ‘drag n drop’

Editing bookings using "drag n drop" in the Day View: To change the professional and time for a booked service, simply drag it to another professional's time slot.
In the 3 Day View: To alter the date and time of the booked service, drag it to another date. For Week View: The same process applies as in the 3 Day View.
The length of the booking can also be adjusted on the calendar to increase or decrease booking service duration.